20 March 2012

Our Spring Number Begins Here

“All the forest is waiting for the statue to lower its raised arm.
Today it will happen.
Yesterday it was thought that perhaps it would happen yesterday.
Today it is certain, even the roots know it.
It will happen today”
            -  Hier et Aujourd'hui by Jules Supervielle,  translated from the French as Yesterday And Today by Denise Levertov    from  Selected Writings by Jules Supervielle, New York, New Directions: 1967.

!. Eugene Atget - Statue of Autumne and Vertumne, ( Fall and Spring ) , Tuileries Garden - Paris, Mediatheque, Paris.


Rouchswalwe said...

May the Equinox treat you well, dear Jane!

Jane said...

And the same to you also, Rouchswalwe. After reading Supervielle's poem, I have wondered if he ever saw the statue at the Tuileries.